Thursday, September 22, 2011


Sometimes, you may have noticed, I try to use an illustration that goes along with the poem. 

I was stumped at first, when I tried to think of something to match today's little offering.

Then it occurred to me ... there it was, under my nose, practically ... the sideview mirror on the Little Red Car, famous among readers of my former weekly newsletter, "Squiggles & Giggles," for its many escapades.

"Squiggles" has since turned into a "blog" ... and I believe you'll find a link to it in the upper left portion of the screen. Give it a try, won't you?

Oh, and "Little Red" has gone into retirement, with "Little Frisky" taking its place ... on the highway, but not in our hearts.

And what is memory? Why, it's a looking back at things which are sometimes indistinct, blurred, reversed, or "closer than you think."

And now the poem:


I know I've stashed
scads of things
in the dusty attic
of my mind . . .
but in which boxes
are they hiding,
when I really,
really need them?
 © 1996
(originally published in Capper's)
Today's word: hiding

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