Saturday, February 14, 2009

That New Diet

I can't really remember how long it has been since that four-letter word, c-a-k-e ... not to mention all forms of my favorite food ... dessert ... was put on my forbidden list.

Oh, how I remember the good old days when cake was my favorite food. Oh, how sweet it was! But no more. Not even a nibble.

But go ahead. Enjoy. I won't knock your serving off your plate. I promise. Nor will I sit up and beg, like I used to. And if I whimper a little, just ignore me. I'll get over it ... someday.

The poem:


On the pastry shelf
of my mind cake
doesn't exist now,
but my poor stomach
keeps insisting that
it does. How much
longer can I take this
constant bickering?
© 1996
(originally published in Capper's)

Today's word: cake

Afterthoughts ... in response to your comments:

Oh, thank you, This and That! There was a time when I would have said that's my favorite cake ... this from a person who had never seen a cake he didn't like. This one does sound doubly delicious, though, and I find myself envying those lucky neighbors. And a Happy (belated) Valentine's Day to you, too!

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This and That said...

I made a red velvet cake with a thin blackberry filling and homemade real whipped cream frosting for Valentine's Day. I cut it in fourths and shared it with neighbors. If you and Phyllis were my neighbors, you'd have your red velvet cake and eat it too :) Happy (belated) Valentine's Day!