Thursday, October 15, 2015

Shovel? Maybe Later

(One of the many photos I've taken during my walks here and there ... a scene you might see, if you happen along in the right season and look out a door in one of the tunnels at Wright State University

Sometimes, it seems, I have this thing about "going against the season."

A couple of times a year it happens ... in summer ... and winter. Spring and fall? Hardly ever.

What do I do? Oh, when we're sizzling in summer temperatures, I like to think about those cool ... er, cold ... days and nights of winter.

And in the winter, of course, when I'm freezing, I keep my mittens on ... and try writing something about summer.

Perhaps I should have my mittens on right now ... though I've found that to be something of a hindrance, when it comes to typing.

Oh, I know, recent conditions haven't really been that bad ... temperature-wise. But it's coming. I know it is. In the past, I would already have given some thought to locating the snow shovel, so when it does happen ... 

But somebody else does the shoveling where we live now, thank goodness.

And our shy little car ... I can tell ... is beginning to think about those icy, slushy, slippery-dippery streets, too ... but it's thankful, too, that it no longer is confronted by that steep driveway ...  

Meanwhile, here's a quick look back:


From door to street
Isn't all that far,
But with a sleet-
And snow-bound car
Stuck in the drive,
I might just as well
Take another five
And snooze a spell.
© 1995
(originally published in Mature Living)

Today's word: later

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