Thursday, October 1, 2015

Another Autumn

Autumn brings some slight moderation of temperatures, at least ... but it also brings on some of my favorite colors as the trees begin their autumn parade ... displaying their changing leaves up and down the streets ... and across the countryside.

Autumn brings back memories of those hills where I grew up ... hills laden with hickory trees ... oaks ... walnut trees ... sassafras ... sumac ... oh, what a parade that was, too!

Another thought which came to me again quite recently ... how great it would be if these postings came together seamlessly, instead of the way they sometimes do, particularly when time is short.

Ah, but what would I do then, just sit and twiddle my thumbs?

The poem:


Change has boomed
along quiet avenues
where great, green
hulking symbols
of summer loitered,
visages burnished now
into fiery displays
that climb and swoop,
zoom and explode.

And who could go
kicking through
the crinkling swirl
on the sidewalks
underneath them
without being just
a little pumped up
about it all?

© 1998
(originally published in Capper's)

Today's word: visages

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