Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Day for Flying

But isn't that always the way it is when you're in a hurry?

So, for a few minutes at least, I'm putting hurry aside now. I'm sitting here calmly at the keyboard, serenely typing a few words which I hope will make their way into "Chosen Words." 

Not a worry in the world.

Like, yeah, sure.

Meanwhile, here's the poem (I hope):


Crisp autumn breeze sliding off
some unseen glacier, sun busy
burnishing the copper leaves,

as though trees were incapable
of doing it themselves, and not
a cloud in sight. A day made

for flying. Indeed, overhead
dozens of silent chalk marks
of planes drag themselves along,

blade marks slowly multiplying
on a blue rink, crisscrossing,
widening, turning into fluffy

cotton batting stretched along
the cold, these diaphanous
contrails abandoned in a flight

to somewhere, as though planes
of the world were gathering
on this day to make clouds,

being impatient for the regular
kind and for the needed rain,
the prodigal, dallying rain.
© 1997
(originally published in Potpourri)

Today's word: diaphanous

1 comment:

Helen in FL said...

Another meaningful poem! You always pull memories and thoughts out of me with every one you write. I always like the Chosen Words that are along with the poem.
I used to fly a Cesna, and loved it. I look up at the--for want of a better name-- buzzards. If it weren't for their diet, I'd like to glide along with them, and just play on the air currents. They are down in Miami for the winter. It's not the swallows that come back here.
You mentioned computer problems. I hate to spend the time on the phone having the maker (not with a capital M) fixing it, but it's like my car in the sense that I have a mechanic fix it...I drive it. I do the same with the computer and just did the other day. After a couple of hours, it was fixed--for now.
Today looks like a good flying day, but the car will have to be the substitute for the plan. :(
Take care. Helen C.