Monday, July 6, 2015

Come Out, Come Out!

(The art -- no, that's not me -- was created some time ago by my grandson, Thomas, out of materials at hand during a family gathering)

Today's offering began during one of my frequent searches for my glasses (I don't really lose them, that is, they're not gone someplace where I'll never find them again, it's just that I can't for the moment ... for many anxious moments, sometimes ... locate them).

It occurred to me that I might try keeping an old pair of glasses in one special place, then use that pair to help with my searching.

Then it occurred to me that my plan probably wouldn't work: That "searching" pair would probably become misplaced, too.

And that's how this little piece came into being. 

It ran in the February/March '06 issue ... actually on the front page ... of PKA's Advocate:

Come Out, Come Out!

If I had glasses
To find my glasses,
Oh, what would I do?
Not one brain, but two,
Would I need to keep
Up with two pairs, when
One can hide like ten.

© 2006

Today's word: searching

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