Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Gently Falling

It was a quiet, rainy evening, and I had been working at the computer in the attic (not as primitive as it may sound ... it's a finished attic space, carpeted, well-lighted ... I also call it "my studio" now).

I leaned back in my chair ... trying to decide whether to tackle just one more task ... or call it a day.

It was then I noticed that a gentle rain had begun. I could see the tiny droplets speckling the skylight, gathering, beginning to trickle down the slope.

Something about that scene brought the word "weeping" to mind. I just had to write that phrase down. There followed others ... the thought that rain is sometimes soothing, but that it can also elicit feelings of loneliness.

The poem started out in the direction of loneliness, sadness, but took a rather abrupt turn at the end with the question: "Or is it joy?" ... and my implied answer then was definitely in the direction of joy. 

It still is. Most definitely. Joy.

Now, the poem:


The rain
comes weeping
to the pane,
early few drops
catching late light,
pearly beads
down the glass
in remembrance
of some loss
long forgotten.
Or is it joy?
© 2003

(originally published in The Christian Science Monitor; subsequently included in my first collection, Chance of Rain, Finishing Line Press, 2003)

Today's word: joy

P.S. - As some of you know (thanks to my previous celebration of milestones reached with these postings), lurking in the background is a "hit counter." Don't worry, it doesn't collect any personal information at all. It just counts each "hit," or visit, from someone ... whether just a quick glance or a careful reading of what I've posted. Well! Yesterday the counter passed the 32,000 mark. I thank you, one and all, for that encouraging milestone, and I hope I continue to merit at least an occasional visit from you ... and you ... and, of course, you, too!  

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