Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Normally I prefer punctuation ... you know, those little road signs which tell us when to slow, yield, or stop ... in written matter. 

In this case, however, when I'd finished jotting some notes on a scrap of paper ... while sitting in a quiet room with a large picture window ... it occurred to me that what I'd written somehow reflected the clouds I'd been watching.

Left alone, I reasoned, that string of images, without any punctuation to tell the reader when to slow or stop, might present a different, changing, cloud-like poem with each reading.

I did a little tweaking, naturally, but pretty much left it as it had presented itself to me.

The result:


They slide by
shaping opinions
on the fly
into one great convoy
heading east
the great blue
slowing my thoughts
to a crawl
me of ambition
my thunder
an elephant
a dog
a big-eared sheep
a parade
strike up
the band

© 2003

(from my first collection, Chance of Rain, published by Finishing Line Press, 2003)    

Today's word: fleecing

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